The Republic of Ecuador is, according to the constitution of 2008, a unitary and centralized republic. Ecuador is divided into 24 provinces, headed by a Governor (appointed by the President) and a Prefect (elected by popular vote). In turn, these are divided into cantons (221) and provinces (1,500).


This Constitution of 2008 later reformed as a result of the Referendum and Popular Consultation of May 7, 2011, is characterized by a greater presence of the State in both institutional and economic life, with greater control and participation of the Government in economic sectors such as oil, mining, telecommunications or water.


In economical terms, after years of strong economic growth, with an average GDP growth rate of 4.5% in the last ten years, since 2014 there has been an economic slowdown caused by the fall in the price of oil, slowdown in growth in the region and an appreciation of the dollar that has eroded the competitiveness of Ecuadorian exports.


In terms of trade, the European Union represents 14.6% of Ecuadorian exports, and within this, the role of Spain (3.3%) followed closely by Germany (3.2%). Most of these exports are oil.


In relation to its foreign policy, Ecuador has an ambitious policy of global vocation that seeks to deepen and extend its diplomatic relations beyond its traditional partners.


The diplomatic relations between Spain and Ecuador are presided over by a spirit of collaboration and trustiness. Both countries regularly maintain contacts, as well as high-level visits. Bilateral relations with Ecuador have increased in the last decade due to the number of Ecuadorian citizens living in Spain, which has grown exponentially to reach the figure of approximately half a million, of which almost 200,000 hold dual citizenship.


The Hon. Mr. Carlos Abella and de Arístegui, Ambassador of Spain to Ecuador, is going to present the current situation and the relations of the country with Spain, at a commercial and diplomatic level.


 Source: Ecuador Country Tab (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation).



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