"My experience at the Center for International Studies in Barcelona could not have been more rewarding. From the first moment you land in the CEI, they explain in a clear and simple way the enormous work task involved in preparing the opposition to access the diplomatic corps, helping you to carry out a progressive planning of the study.


To do this, the CEI offers you an updated agenda of topics written by university specialists, complementing with diplomatic trainers, both young, recently admitted to the career; as veterans that are capable of contributing a mature and deep vision of international relations.


Lastly, I would like to especially thank the Hon. Ambassador Mr. Fernando Perpiñá-Robert, as tutor, his know-how during my preparation and the fact of always having a kind word in those moments when the preparation of the opposition can be done uphill. That is why, without a doubt, I would recommend the CEI as a center of excellence to successfully overcome the difficult challenge of becoming diplomat". 



Student of the Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2015-2019)



"I sincerely thank the entire CEI International Affairs team for the support given during these years of opposition, I came here somewhat disoriented, worried about the task that awaited me, and from CEI they offered me all the possible facilities to successfully fulfill my mission. Always with the best possible treatment, but at the same time with the necessary degree of demand, the preparation of the oppositions at CEI allows the opponent to progress gradually until reaching success. Approving depends on oneself and requires a lot of effort and discipline, but the tools that CEI puts at your disposal help you to achieve this without having to worry about superfluous aspects, focusing on what is really important.In addition, its location in Barcelona and its nature as a center linked to the Ministry are key factors for the CEI to be place to doubt a unique and unbeatable place to prepare the opposition". 


Legal adviser at the International Legal Advice, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2014-2017)


"For some people, the internships offered through the master’s programme in Diplomacy and International Public Service were a means to get to know a different country, culture or nation, but for me they were even more. In this adventure offered by the CEI, I did not need to leave Barcelona to benefit from an experience that would teach me how to thrive in the professional world. This internship was a step forward in both my academic and professional training, affording me the opportunity to embark on a second field at a large company that is not only one of the most highly regarded banks in the industry, but also, and above all, one big family, Banc Sabadell."


Operational Officer at JF Hillebrand Global Beverage Logistics. Made her internship at Banc Sabadell

Ex student of Master in Diplomacy and International Public Service (2011-2012)

"CEI people are a team. When you arrive, with enthusiasm but disoriented, the staff welcomes you with open arms and gets down to supporting you, forming you and even you approve modelándote for the opposition work. That team consists of people of great personal and professional quality, the comprehensive time with the vicissitudes of the opposition and demanding to give your best performance. Approve the opposition depends on you, your effort and your resistance. CEI team ensures a solid infrastructure to achieve this goal. Expert on the system of the opposition, Ambassador Perpiñá-Robert is one of the most prestigious diplomatic career and advice mark turning points. Beside him, young diplomats and college coaches complete a unique training framework in Spain ".

Head of Service. Advisor in Department of European Affairs and G20. Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government

Preparation Course to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2011-2015)

"CEI International Affairs has always been a pioneer in the promotion of an innovative and pluralistic vision of international relations, incorporating perspectives from the private sector, academia and civil society. At the same time, the CEI carries out an important task in the field of public diplomacy, acting as a nexus between the Spanish foreign service and Spanish citizens, and playing a key role in disseminating information to citizens about the realities and challenges of diplomacy in the 21st century."


Adviser. Spanish Embassy in Brussells

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (1998-2004)

"After performing the course on the European Union I did my internship in Eurecat, within the Department of Public Programs. I totally recommend this experience because it helped me learn a lot about the development of public programs, and also allowed me to have a first approach to running the programs of the European Union."


Internship at Eurecat 

Ex student of Course on the European Union (2015-2016) 

"I earned my degree in law from the University of Barcelona in 1988 and, by 1989, had already enrolled at CEI International Affairs to prepare for the competitive examination to join the Spanish diplomatic corps, which I passed in May 1991. In a sense, just as CEI International Affairs is now celebrating 25 years of existence, I too will soon be fortunate enough to celebrate a 25-year-long career thanks to having studied at CEI International Affairs. And I use the word ‘thanks’ intentionally and sincerely. CEI International Affairs was created to promote access to the diplomatic corps, amongst others, by students at Catalan universities. I believe that over the years it has successfully contributed to the goal of incorporating a pluralistic vision into the Spanish foreign service."


Deputy Head of Mission at the Spanish Embassy in Dublin

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (1989-1991)

"From 2008 to 2010 I was a student of the Institute of International Studies, where I successfully developed the course of accession to the Diplomatic Corps. CEI is currently the only center of a public nature which is in Spain where you can prepare access to the diplomatic corps. Each promotion diplomats are students of CEI, as the combination of training offered experiments ambassadors, diplomats and young teachers UB guarantee comprehensive training that explains the success of the center in recent years".


Economist and career diplomat. Currently MEP ICV 

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2008-2010)

"If I am a diplomat today, it is thanks to CEI International Affairs. The time I spent preparing for the competitive examination was highly stimulating and characterised by an intense absorption of knowledge; at the same time, it familiarised me with nuances that later proved extremely useful in my work. I owe this to the combination of knowledge and experience conveyed by Ambassador Núñez and to the precision and enthusiasm of the more recent diplomats whom I had the great fortune to have as tutors."


Secretary of the Embassy in the Permanent Representation of Spain to the UN Office in Geneva

Preparation to Join to the Diplomatic Corps (2004-2007)

"Unlike most candidates, when I enrolled on the preparation course at the CEI, I already had ten years of experience working as a jurist in international organisations and government institutions in Spain, but I had always wanted to be a diplomat. I quit my job and, thanks to the CEI, ultimately succeeded in joining the diplomatic corps. The preparation is unsurpassable, in terms of both the academic rigor and thoroughness of the preparation for the different exercises of the competitive examination and the personalised attention, constant support and facilities offered. I have no reservations in strongly recommending the CEI in Barcelona to prepare for a career in the diplomatic corps.”


Diplomat. Deputy Director of the Cabinet in the Union for the Mediterranean. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2009-2014)

"When I first came to CEI International Affairs in September 1991, the first Gulf War had just ended; the Berlin Wall had fallen less than two years earlier and, in December of that same year, the Soviet Union was dissolved. Our country was preparing for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and the Expo in Seville, and Madrid was prepared to host the first Middle East Peace Conference. Spain was undergoing rapid changes in the context of a world that was changing at breakneck speed. CEI International Affairs helped me to quickly and coherently understand and assimilate all of these changes."


Deputy Permanent Representative in the Permanent Representation of Spain to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Headquarters in Vienna, Austria

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (1992-1993)

"A good experience and a good course that enabled me to get to Brussels through a competitive examination held by the Basque government to work in its foreign delegations and, from there, the European Commission (Home Affairs)."


Administration Assistant to Permanent Representation of Spain to the EU

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2006-2008)

"Shedding light on the tasks of a diplomat, as a realistic career option based on the acquisition of a series of skills and abilities, is essential to helping anyone preparing to sit the competitive examination to determine which competencies he or she has to develop and what evaluation criteria the selection board will use. In this regard, CEI International Affairs plays an important role for candidates in maintaining an open means of permanent dialogue between the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation and the city of Barcelona that helps to offset the lopsided influence that Madrid still tends to have in matters related to the diplomatic corps and, especially, in the system for preparing candidates to join it."


Deputy Consul in the General Consulate of the City of Mexico

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2000-2003)

"I believe the internship was a very important input into my consular training. (…) My internship was an incredibly positive experience in every sense, both personally and professionally; I was sad to see it end and was left with a desire to go back, to bring everything I had talked about with my bosses and colleagues at the time to bear and to keep on learning."


Internship at the Catalan Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Government

Ex student of Master in Diplomacy and International Public Service (2011-2012)

"Thanks to CEI International Affairs, I was able to act on my interest in the field of international relations through diplomacy. It showed me how the competitive examination to join the Spanish diplomatic corps works and allowed me to begin to prepare for it. I would never have chosen to quit my job at an advertising agency and throw myself, body and soul, into passing that examination if there hadn’t been a centre like CEI International Affairs in my home town of Barcelona."


Secretary of Embassy, Embassy of Spain to Mogadiscio, Somalia.

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2000-2003)

"I did my internship in the UN’s Department of Peacekeeping Operations, which offered me a great opportunity to learn in more detail how the organisation works and to do research on very interesting cases in Africa, where there are latent tensions and the role of the UN is key to development and improvement. More than a professional and academic experience, for me, witnessing different events such as the 67th General Assembly or the department’s different presentations of the operations to the Security Council were a major life experience.” 


Made his internship at the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the UN, New York

Ex student of Master in Diplomacy and International Public Service (2011-2012)

"I received a lot of support from the teaching staff at CEI International Affairs, without which passing the competitive examination would have been much harder. The philosophy of CEI International Affairs, which combines the rigor of a preparatory institute with the scholarly exuberance arising from its links to academia, is a very stimulating way to tackle the various exercises that make up the examination."


Head of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Constitutional Court of Spain

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2001-2004)

"I decided to earn a master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Public Service for two reasons: my desire to reorient my career towards international organisations and the prestige of the CEI. I made the absolute right choice. The master’s programme allowed me to do an  internship at the UNIDO in Vienna, where I was later hired as an international consultant for the Business, Investment and Technological Innovation Unit."


Expert and evaluator at the European Comission

Ex student of Master in Diplomacy and International Public Service (2011-2012)

"My memories of CEI International Affairs are filled with gratitude and affection. Not only did I feel supported from the moment I arrived until the end of my journey by the staff, all of whom were committed to helping us, but I was also deeply impressed by the human quality, the incredible devotion and the professionalism of people like Ambassador Núñez, whom I had the honour to have as a tutor, teacher and guide.”


Embassy Counselor. Spanish Embassy in Berlin

Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps (2003-2007)

"During my internship as a young professional at the Spanish Embassy in the United States, I was able to accomplish the goals set by the master’s programme in Diplomacy and International Public Service, thanks to which I now have the skills required for the internship."


Made her internship at the Spanish Embassy in the United States

Ex Student of Master in Diplomacy and International Public Service (2011-2012)

"My experience at the FAO meant much more for me than what I had expected. It enriched my values, increased and enhanced my knowledge and skills, and helped me grow each day both personally and professionally. I had the honour of working with the top professionals in the fields in which I would like to build a career and to do so in a multicultural setting that was much more interesting and enriching than I could have imagined."


Made his internship at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Ex Student of the Master in Diplomacy and Public International Service (2011-2012)


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