What is the CEI Executive Club?


The CEI Executive Club was launched by the CEI Foundation with a view to bridging the gap between business and diplomacy and increasing companies’ competitiveness on international markets by facilitating institutional relations for them at the highest level.


Our members enjoy special access to the CEI’s network of international alumni along with the possibility of accessing customised agenda-setting services with both Spanish state institutions abroad and institutions from other countries with which the CEI maintains close links.


Through a personalised service tailored to their current needs, CEI Executive Club members can obtain a wide range of benefits related to all aspects of business internationalisation, international relations, and the first-hand identification of overseas opportunities. 


Who is it for?


The club is open to institutions, individual companies and corporate groups that have made internationalisation a cornerstone of growth and a fundamental part of their corporate strategy for leadership in international markets. 


The club also offers a reduced membership fee for renowned professionals and scholars in the field of international relations.


Benefits and advantages


Participation in International Classroom events and networking


1. Access to exclusive events, such as lunches with ambassadors and senior officials from international organisations, that are regularly held as part of the CEI’s International Classroom programme and that enable first-hand assessment of global business opportunities.

2. Access to private networking and industry groups with key leaders from national and international regulatory bodies. 

3. Free access to CEI publications and the CEI library.

4. Access to corporate diplomacy events at the CEI headquarters. 

5. Special offers on activities and services offered by CEI partner organisations and companies.


International Relations


Advice and information on economic diplomacy for professionals and companies through introductory sessions on economic diplomacy and internationalisation. 


Knowledge and prospects 


1. Free access to CEI talks (registration on a first-come, first-serve basis).

2. Priority access to the Master in Diplomacy and other CEI executive courses and programmes, with the possibility of arranging for in-house programmes.

3. 10% discount on CEI courses and programmes. 


Visibility and recognition of partners

1. Presence on the website www.ceibcn.com, in both the online directory of member companies and the CEI Executive Club section.

2. Possibility of disseminating news of interest to the sector though the CEI’s social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and website (www.ceibcn.com).


Contributions to the Centre for International Studies Foundation  


  • Professionals: €750 per year
  • Companies and institutions: €2,000 per year

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How can I become a member of the CEI Executive Club?


To become an EXECUTIVE CLUB member, you must make an annual contribution of €750* for professionals or €2,000* for institutions and/or companies and complete the following application form:

Application form


Contact CEI if you would like to receive more information about our training programs and events

+34 93 205 45 16