The Competitive Examinations to join the Diplomatic Corps have begun! The call for the 2018 competitive examinations was published at the end of last year, and at the beginning of 2019 the first test of the examinations was held: the test-type exam. 


In the CEI International Affairs about thirty students are being prepared to be diplomats, between the initiation course and the follow-up courses of the Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps.


exito66% PASSED: From the students preparing for the Competitive Examinations in the CEI, 15 took the first examination and 10 passed it with a very good mark.


We are very proud of you and your effort!






Are you wondering how to prepare yourself to have the same success?


The CEI is a pioneer institution in the formation for the Diplomatic Corps, therefore, the preparation of each one of the tests of the Competitive Examinations is the result of many years of practice, the introduction of novelties and a continuous improvement.


CEI’s philosophy is based on being a family for the students, who have direct contact with the Secretariat and the Course Coordination, who encourage them, follow them up and give them the best advices to achieve their goal: Being diplomats.



How we are the students prepared for the test-type exam?


CEI’s students have the complete topics of the Competitive Examinations written and prepared for study.


The best way to pass a test-type exam is the constant practice, and for that reason, the students of the Diplomatic Corps face many simulation tests, both online and in person.


It is essential that students bring the compulsory topics up to date, recommending a weekly oral presentation in the face of the diplomatic trainers.


This gradual preparation of the topics must be added to the practice and to the simulations of test-type exams, to acquire fluency and to obtain a better result on the day of the test.


Not only is the topic’s preparation, the general culture is another important point in these test-types exams, and therefore, there are also simulations in this area, and a monthly cultural agenda is made available to the students, which helps them to enrich all their knowledge.



Do you want to join our Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps?


Students who have passed this first test took between 1 and 3 years preparing for the Competitive Examinations, you could be the next!



Take a look at the preparation and start the course at your own pace, on the date you want.


Are you ready for the next call? In the CEI we’re going to give you all the necessary tools!


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