Would you like to get a job in an International Organization? Find out now how to take the first step!


The access to International Organizations might be complicated if you do not have a springboard to help you, that’s why our recommendation is always the following:


Training and a first contact by means of an internship


If you have researched, you will know that the processes to obtain a position in an International Organization are highly complex, and will depend on your experience, filling different applications…



Then, what is our advice?


Specialize in Diplomacy and International Public Service with a master’s degree with compulsory internships!


There are plenty of very suitable formations, but you will have to consider whether they offer compulsory internships for each student.


In the case of the CEI, our experience of more than 30 years makes de difference, as well as being founded by entities such as the University of Barcelona, “la Caixa” Banking Foundation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, which allows us to have agreements and contacts with diversity of institutions: Embassies, Consulates, NGOs, International Organizations, private companies, etc.



But, where have the students of the last promotion of the master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Public Service done their internships?


Here we give you some examples!


Jennifer Blanco:


Jennifer Blanco


Lluís Girbau:


Lluis Girbau


Berta Cavia:


Berta Cavia


Guillem Roda:


Guillem Roda


Marta Álvarez:


 Marta Alvarez


Alejandro Sola: 


Alejandro Sola


If you want to know more, you can also check:




  • CEI’s world map, which gathers the internships of our alumni and their current jobs.


Don’t wait any longer and request information about the Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Public Service!


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