The International Classroom of the CEI took place on June 25 with the Ambassador of Spain to India, Mr. José Ramón Barañano. The event was attended by representatives from the business world, the Chamber of Commerce, the university...


During his first speech, the Ambassador described the Asian landscape: He defined Asia as the continent of the 21st century, relying on the enormous possibilities offered by the increase in its GDP, the transfer of the world trade center of the Atlantic to the Strait of Malacca, some unassumable growth rates for the West and its demographic weight. Even so, he stressed that the challenges facing the continent in terms of governance, inequality and political and institutional stability are enormous.


Meeting with the Ambassador of Spain to India - CEI


In the second part of his speech, Mr. Barañano focused his speech in India. He explained gradually his political, economic, social reality and the diplomatic and economic relations that the country maintains with Spain. Despite the absence of historical ties, India presents a unique potential in various sectors for the foreign policy of Spain:


The Ambassador referred specifically to the possibilities that Spanish companies have in the telecommunications, transport infrastructure, banking, fashion industry and specifically the bridal sector, and education sectors and offered for this your institutional support.


Meeting with the Ambassador of Spain to India - CEI


He highlighted the plural nature of the country, its religious and ethnic diversity and its youth - the country incorporates a million young people into the labor market every month - and the enormous boost of its internal demand with an annual growth of more than 7% for two decades and a growing middle class.


He encouraged all attendees to pay greater attention to India, without even thinking that it will be the next China. He compared the two models of society, highlighting the demographic growth of India, which will soon surpass China, and its democratic character. He pointed out the enormous challenges that the country has posed. The coexistence between ethnic groups and religions is not easy and rests on a fragile balance that Hindu nationalism or radical Islamism can break.


Meeting with the Ambassador of Spain to India - CEI


He also affirmed the need for a modernization of labor legislation, the strengthening of a weak banking system, the formalization of the economy, the increase in productivity and the fight against tolerance against social inequalities.



Report prepared by Bruno Sánchez

Student of the Preparation to Join the Diplomatic Corps


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