Training Programmes

The training offered by CEI International Affairs includes programmes aimed at professionals seeking to specialise or supplement their experience, as well as programmes designed for university graduates interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy or international relations.



Today’s globalised international society is increasingly complex, dynamic and interdependent. In addition to states, there are many other international actors, including international organisations, sub-state organisations, NGOs and multinational corporations, amongst others. All of these organisations require highly qualified, multilingual staff with a strong background in international policy and action and excellent negotiation, communication and leadership skills. The master’s programme in Diplomacy and International Public Service aims to produce professionals able to excel as diplomats, officials of the European Union and other international organisations, experts and advisors at organisations with international operations (NGOs, consulting firms, etc.), international project managers at government agencies, etc., through instruction by leading specialists and professionals in each field.

This preparation is rounded out with a compulsory internship at an embassy, consulate, permanent missions, international organisation, company or other organisation.



  • To become familiar with the structure, operation, requisite skills and means of accessing and preparing for a career in the diplomatic corps, at an international organisation, in the European Union, or at a multinational company.
  • To gain a solid understanding of how the European Union works, its foreign relations, the common commercial policy, the internal market and competition law, and the free movement of persons, amongst other things.
  • To acquire a thorough understanding of the legal principles of diplomacy and paradiplomacy and of how to apply them, especially domestic law affecting international relations, international law, international trade law, and international contracts and arbitration.
  • To learn about the principles of environmental protection and energy resource management from a legal, political and economic perspective, as well as about the principles and institutions of sustainable development.


Who is it for?

University graduates interested in the subject.


Career opportunities

  • Diplomat.
  • International official at the UN, NATO, the EU and many other international organisations
  • Advisor or expert on international matters at public institutions and, thus, careers in national, regional, provincial and local government.
  • Positions in the communication departments and international areas of businesses, foundations, schools, etc.
  • Positions at foreign consulates in Spain. 
  • International relations expert at NGOs.


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