This programme aims to offer a comprehensive analysis of financial markets. The primary goal is to delve deeper into all essential aspects so as to enable a better understanding of stock markets in particular and financial markets in general.


The programme is also quite useful for individuals without experience seeking to enter the exciting world of financial markets, as well as for professionals seeking to acquire a stronger technical background.


Even though being a blended course, we will offer the possibility to take the classes in 100% online mode if the student asks for it. The course has an interactive platform, with a comments forum to analyze the market with experts, streaming conferences, pre-recorded sessions, and academic consultants open to do the accompaniment during the course.


The course brings together students from Europe, Asia and Latin America with a view to creating a global programme.


Additionally, alumni have the option of continuing to form a part of the 3mbolsa financial community, where they will be able to follow financial markets with information from professional business agents, as well as post job offers.

Our philosophy is to give the students a continued formation, in order to offer them the possibility to do a follow-up in the rigorous world of financial markets.




This course aims to offer a highly practical view of trading, as well as a broad view of financial markets and their products. 


These objectives will be achieved through a paractium and a real trading contest, by the GVC GAESCO platform.


The ultimate goal is to provide students with different tools to help them make the best investment decisions.


Who is it for?

  • Economics, business, law and actuarial students.


  • Any professional from a company or financial institution interested in learning about the world of trading.


  • Anyone seeking to understand the financial world.




This edition of the course will include 4 scholarships covering 25% of the programme’s cost. The scholarships will be awarded based on candidates’ academic transcripts and potential. 


    • To have completed your degree programme. 
    • CV.
    • Application form.
    • 2 letters of recommendation.






The CEI programs for the next academic year will be adapted to the blended or online modality as a consequence of the exceptional circumstances derived from the global pandemic. This means that, if the situation requires it, our programs can take place virtually, without losing the personalized and professional character that characterizes our training offer.

Furthermore, the CEI assumes that COVID19 has generated a global crisis, health, economic and diplomatic, that will deeply transform our societies. For this reason, in all our courses, the impact of COVID19 will be addressed in the different areas of analysis to facilitate students' understanding of the consequences of this crisis and the measures being adopted to face it.


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