CEI's news course, Stock Exchange Sessions, aims to answer the question:


What should we know in order to manage our personal wealth?


The Stock Exchange Sessions have the goal of truly answering the aforementioned question and offer the necessary tools of analysis in order to understand the working of different stock markets. You can check the Teaching plan.


The Stock Exchange Course pretends to make a reflection and give eminently practical perspective on the stock exchange, as well as an understandable vision of the different financial products and their risks.


The aim of the Stock Exchange Sessions is to approximate financial markets to university students. Nonetheless, the course pretends to provide the students with the tools that help them to have a critical ability in analyzing a changing environment.





The program has a duration of 75 hours, distributed in seven classroom conferences, one Trading Competition virtual online and one Practicum.


The Trading Competition virtual online wants to approximate the professional operation to the student, taking into account the acquired knowledge of the University Courses, elaborating a diary of operations that must be attached to one justification for each operation. The attendee will have to present a minimum of 5 explained operations.


The Practicum is going to consist in a deep analysis of a Spanish company of the Spanish Continuous Market. The activity is going to be presented in pairs in order to promote teamwork and the capacity to discuss about different points of view in economic and business analysis.





180 euros for the enrollment. 


  • All the students who enroll the Stock Exchange Sessions are going to have a 50% discount in the Practical Course on Stock Exchange, organized by CEI and Borsa de Barcelona.


  • All the students are going to receive by mail the BME Research report, with the analysis of current financial markets.





Online registration: From October 1st to March 10th 2020


Duration of the course: From March 11th 2020 to April 31st 2020


You can make your registration sending to drey@ceibcn.com


  • Registration form


  • ID


  • The payment slip of 180€





In order to pass the Stock Exchange Sessions it is necessary:


  • To attend to at a minimum of 50% of the classroom sessions.


  • Presentation of a orders diary (30%).


  • Presentation of the Practicum. (70%).


At the end of the Stock Exchange Sessions, having completed the whole program, a Certifying Diploma is going to be delivered by the Centre d’Estudis Internacionals (CEI), and Borsa de Barcelona, BME.


The course counts up to 3 ECTS credits in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Barcelona. Moreover, it also counts up to 3 ECTS credits in UIC





You can check the Teaching planFor any inquiry, you can contact by calling: +34 93 205 45 16 or by email: drey@ceibcn.com.


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