The first edition of the Master in Sustainable Development UB-CEI is coming to an end, and we have had a talk with its first promotion of student to know their opinions on the Master: 


 "This Master in Sustainable Development has given me the bases that I lacked at a legal, social and economic level to be able to develop at a professional level in the field. Its content is complete, detailed, and understandable for those who come from other fields academic, so it is fully adapted to our needs. In addition, they seek synergies between students to enrich the knowledge provided. The attention received in relation to the TFM is very close and they are accessible, which helps to feel accompanied and open possibilities future work. Without a doubt I will miss the classes, the moments of discussion and mutual learning, but I finish it without having doubts that it fulfilled my expectations. Now a new stage begins. Wishing, therefore, to put the knowledge into practice acquired."

Joanna Riera



"The Master in Sustainable Development has far exceeded all my expectations, since it has managed, in a masterful way, to address the relevant aspects of the three fundamental pillars that compose it, such as Economic, Social and Environmental Development. At the same time, it has been able to integrate the current theory of International Law with the different fields and regimes related to the environment, going through a training in Circular Economy, among other relevant and current areas, without neglecting the practical aspect of how from the sector In private, relevant policies and strategies can be designed based on the basic principles of Sustainable Development to achieve the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. All the above has allowed me to consolidate the necessary knowledge to develop my TFM in project mode, within the company in which I work, adding value to the actions in pursuit of the achievement of the strategic objectives on sustainability.

I want to thank the CEI for offering this program, which has been characterized by the quality and demands that precede it, in addition to having a teaching staff endowed with vast knowledge on the subject, and with luxury guests, both from the private and public sectors experts in the practice of Sustainable Development."

Andrés F. Ballesteros




“I am from Syria where most people struggle to simply survive and are not able to think about how to live in a way that supports sustainability. When I first started studying the concepts of sustainability, I was frustrated because of the different conditions that the developed and developing countries face and the inequity of resources between them. I could not see how the practical solutions I was learning about could work in the actual hard conditions that people in my country face every day. However, when I began to understand more details about how we can save our planet, I started to be more optimistic about what is possible for all countries, including Syria. Once I fully grasped the necessity of changing the way we live and the way we use the Earth's resources I began to change my own lifestyle. I am aware now of each decision I take when I want to buy anything. I am also more sensitive to the issues that many people around the world face including access to clean water, education, decent work, and health care. Because of the program, I am committed to finding a career where I can be actively participate in achieving the 17 SDGs. When I began the program, I did not understand the importance of sustainable development. Now I am a passionate advocate for it."


Rand Al Chamaa



"The Master in Sustainable Development has been a fantastic opportunity to know more in depth what sustainability itself means. It has provided us with the necessary knowledge to understand the severity of the current climate crisis, as well as give us the appropriate tools to face to her with a systemic and multidisciplinary vision. The internships are a great complement to finish this training, which has allowed us to apply and visualize the opportunities that the world of work will offer us once the Master is finished."

Ana Ochoa



"Magnificent professors, luxury guests, and a quality and academic precision that is very difficult to surpass; all this makes the students end up being experts in the matter. We have analyzed sustainable development from a holistic approach, from the legal and political perspective, economic and social, including the role of companies. Personally, coming from International Relations, I have found my way here. It has been a journey that I would repeat a thousand times."

Lorena G. Alberte



"The Master in Sustainable Development has allowed me to become familiar with all the transcendental aspects and elements of the climate crisis and the role that sustainability should play in the international community for years to come. Moreover, the internships at Viscofan have helped me see first-hand how the private sector can contribute to sustainable development goals through the energy transition, good governance and corporate social responsibility.”

Nicolau Milà


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