Executive Club

Become part of the CEI International Affairs community and benefit from all the advantages of membership.

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The CEI Executive Club was launched by the CEI Foundation with a view to bridging the gap between business and diplomacy and increasing companies’ competitiveness on international markets by facilitating institutional relations for them at the highest level.

Through a personalized service tailored to their current needs, CEI Executive Club members can obtain a wide range of benefits related to all aspects of business internationalization, international relations, and the first-hand identification of overseas opportunities.

Who is it for?

The club is open to institutions, individual companies and corporate groups that have made internationalization a cornerstone of growth and a fundamental part of their corporate strategy for leadership in international markets.

Benefits and advantages of belonging to the
Executive Club

Participation in International Classroom

Ambassador Meetings & Networking Programme

Personalised training

In-company seminars and CEI training discounts

Participation in CEI scholarships

How can I become a member of
the Executive Club?

Contact info@ceibcn.com for full Executive Club membership information.

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